Pain and Choice

Why do we prefer to live in pain rather than happiness?

At first thought the reaction might be that no - I live in happiness, and yet, why does the body break down, get sick, depression and negative thoughts live daily in the lives of many.

I have come to believe that life offers many choices daily and in those profound moments, there are lessons to be revealed. Each day is a sacred transition from sleep to wake and the movement of our bodies into conscious life. The subconscious mind is just as awake and ready to run its program through the day.
At this time there is guidance towards new directions and the opportunity to heal past wounds and heal stories.

Somewhere at points in life, it can become more comfortable to stay in pain than to work through the hurts and move past limiting issues.

Society sends messages that happiness comes from things that can be acquired; shiny new objects that distract and cause further disconnection. What to eat, how to care for our bodies and what and when to rest the body becomes last on the list and convenience, and ease takes top priority. Work more, relax less, put in that 80 hour week, so there is the feeling of accomplishment and grab a quick bite because there is no time to make a healthy dinner and sit to enjoy.

Sound familiar?
I have found that balance is the key to a life that is balanced and healthy, and balance means an equal time of rest, play and taking care of our bodies through exercise and wholesome food.

Goal planning is great for accomplishing meaningful work, and a hard days work can feel satisfying to the mind.

Choosing a mindfulness lifestyle requires conscious reflection, awareness of the subconscious story that plays out, and breathing through the desire to react. This kind of living looks different for each person and finding how to create a life that works with achievements and balance for connection with "self" and others in our lives takes time.

Stories that are grounded in pain and fear can be the cause of distractions, high standards in home and career, and over-achieving in life.

Pain is something everyone feels, and it will never honestly go away. We can, however, learn to accept it when it shows up in our lives. When we listen and determine the nature of the pain as it appears in our lives, we can learn to use it to heal.

Wanting to start a mindful practice?
First, try slowing down and making time for ourselves. Even if it is 10 minutes, we will gain insight and rest. Each of us can make a choice hourly, daily, to re-connect with our "self."

What does that mean?
Taking space is creating time alone to discover ourselves intimately. Knowing who we are and what we need to make it through our journey.

Need rest? Honor that and don’t push through it. That is self-love. We are told by many that if we put our needs and wants first, pay honor to our beings, that we are selfish and that is not a desirable characteristic - push, push, and work past the issue, toughen up, work that 80 hour work week to succeed in life. It feels like a hamster wheel and creates burn-out, fatigue and mental and physical health crisis.

Loving yourself means that we know who we are, what we need, telling ourselves the truth, and always putting ourselves in a place where we can thrive, expand and grow. These actions create healthy boundaries, and the result is feeling more relaxed, valued, loved, and supported.

Making the statement of choosing life every morning, finding something to be grateful for (even if it is the healthy pet sitting next to you) and not denying our humanity but learning to embrace all that life unveils can shift us into mindful living.

There is always a choice. Take it one day at a time. Start first with becoming aware of who you are, your feelings, and if you like yourself as a person. Try making a list of excuses that keep you from self-connection. Reread and start breaking down the reasons and start creating time.

– peace to you