The Temple

Originally Written | August 23, 2014

To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise, we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear. – Buddha

After many years of hearing the phrase — “Your body is your temple, take care of it.” I now understand what this means.

My old life was one of existence and suffering. I did not realize I was consciously picking the experience of pain; that is the crazy part about it, I had a choice that I did not see until the day came that it was too hard to keep my life together.

The body is a fantastic composition with abilities to create incredible outcomes. Having a clear mind, strong muscles, agility, longevity and most important; creating the openness to have a profound spiritual connection. I realized that the way I was living my life was destroying my relationship with myself. It reminds me of a battery and how after an extended period – the points of connection get junked up. The physical body creates the same thing. What we do with our lives, the foods we eat, the products we put on our bodies will add up over time and create this layer that disconnects us.

When we learn to detox the body, guidance and messages appear stronger. This connection is vital for a life of well-being due to the ability that our body has to tell us what is going on with it. The physical body will tell you everything you need if you listen to it.

Have you ever noticed that you crave some foods over others? If we learn the practice of paying attention to what our bodies tell us, we will know what herbs, minerals, and foods that our body needs. If you learn to decipher the messages, we will also learn what it means when our body craves certain foods and if they are creating illness or health for us.

These messages are continually sent to us, and our body is always trying to reset itself back to its natural, healthy state.

When the body can be used as an instrument, not a vessel for existence — a great and powerful connection can be used for the highest and most beautiful living.

How do we start the process of being able to hear what our body is telling us?

Learning how our body acts and reacts is an ideal place to start.

Asking ourselves daily these following questions –

– How am I feeling today?
- How is my body talking to me? Aches, pains, digestion, headaches, and so on.
- Do you feel pain or do you feel rested?

I spend a few minutes daily to sit quietly and see how I feel when I breathe. Taking a deep breath and feeling the air moving into my lungs, exhaling and noticing how my breath felt. Do I feel pain, restriction, depth, and expansion?

Noticing these little things about our body will help us to pay attention to the bigger things.

I know my body so well that I am aware if something is off immediately. I have trained myself over the years to “feel” and "question" the source of everything. I know the instant a headache is coming on and why. A pain in my lower back and what that space is telling me.

Becoming aware in our life of who we are as a physical container of energy, having emotions that create functioning programs or stories, (as I call them) thousands of nerves, a powerful brain that tells the body what to do and organs that keep the body healthy.

Your body indeed is a temple. When we learn to love ourselves, the body is honored. Learning to accept ourselves the way we are, with faults, our beauty, our choices with the knowledge that all experiences are part of the beautiful journey.

Self-love is critical. How we look at ourselves is how we see the world and what we will experience.

– peace and love to you