Your Life Story

Originally Written | September 29, 2014

We hear people talk about the life story we leave behind when someone crosses over (death) to energy from the physical body. The legacy of a person that is left behind positively (or negatively) for loved ones to remember.

Are we aware of the story that is told through our lives daily?

The thoughts and reactions that do not necessarily shine brightly for all to see, and dictates whether our life was positive or negative, if we built healthy or limiting relationships, and found lasting and true fulfillment.

Every person has an ongoing story that defines them at a young age. These stories play out in all relationships; work, family, intimate and friendships. Through these stories, the world appears from a myriad of feelings and statements; for example, playing the victim, warrior, hero, saboteur, feeling unloved, misunderstood, lonely, etc. Humans are incredible beings that are capable of manifesting great wealth, happiness, fulfilling experiences and opportunities; and yet many take the default position of lack, limitations, and pain which creates illness, depression, and unfulfilling lives.

Self-awareness exposes these in-depth stories and cycles that play throughout our days. Realizing we are living from some personal storybook will help us to dial-in our lives for happiness and well-being.

Are we accomplishing what we want in life?

Self-expression, awareness, and exploration can reveal significant patterns in our lives. Asking ourselves questions like the following can help with real revelations to how we view our lives and the people around us.

Why do bad things always happen to me?
When will I catch a break?
Will this ever end?
Why am I unhappy?

Do you mumble any of these statements?

I must have terrible luck!
I was born into this life; I just have to accept what life brings me.
Some people are just so lucky! I wish my life was like that.
I wish I could have that life but I am not smart enough to do that.

Statements like these have a unique story attached to them.

It took me until I was thirty-eight years old to see my story and how it played out in my life. I thought that some people were lucky to have better experiences and I was always envious of people who grew up with what seemed to be a regular home life. With this story of value and abandonment; I created exactly the same results over-and-over again in my life. I was finally able to see that I was establishing relationships that would leave me feeling undervalued, unloved, and emotionally abandoned like my childhood. I thought I was healthy, and it was everyone else that I was causing the problems in my life. I proudly wore the archetypes of victim, saboteur, survivor, and warrior.

To have a life experience of well-being, we must first see how we live our lives. Learning how to communicate with ourselves, others, and how we react to situations will keep us positive or negative to life experiences. It is from one of these fields that we create the life we desire. We are in constant creation; our thoughts are sent out through one of these frequencies and brought back into physical manifestation what we ask for, these situations and opportunities reflect our core thoughts and feelings. The vibe and opinion attached to the subconscious request are what will respond - feeling insecure and unloved, the manifestation will be the same and an opportunity for us to grow and heal this pattern. Knowing how we think is the first step to bring our limiting patterns into the open for healing. Limiting stories erode the very foundation of the happiness that we desire to create.

Starting with mini-shifting to help us move into positive energy. Becoming aware of our life, who we are, and the story we tell will create the opportunity for significant change.

Affirmations and uplifting ourselves is always healthy, and they work well for keeping our focus and energy up. Keep doing them! Digging into our story, and our reactions from our core will be the starting point for significant change.