Vibrational Living

You may be attracting vibrations, people, and situations in your life that you may not necessarily want.

I refer a lot to two energy fields — the positive and the negative.

Just like you would not like to hang out with people who bring difficulty into your life or tensions - you would not want to be living in the negative energy field.

Here are a few characteristics of living in the negative energy field -

Thinking has power - words create
My mom would call it "stinking thinking."
Thoughts of — Why me, feeling like a victim, ” I hurt today,” “I am sick of these people,” anger, feelings of self-doubt or unworthiness

- Feeling trapped or depressed
- Drinking excessively
- Living in constant worry and fear
- Feeling of unloved, undervalued, and that you don't belong


Characteristics of a positive energy field -

- Gratitude for what happens in life and what it brings
- Self-love - talking kindly to yourself, exercise, eating well
- Finding happiness in every situation
- Feeling like you belong here, confident that you have a favorable impression of this world
- Friendships and connections are sincere and loving

These are just a few to mention. These energy fields dictate what we experience in our lives. If we are negative, more negativity will flow to us. Likes attract likes - even if you are hoping and wishing for positive change — it will not come unless you get to a place mentally where you are living from the higher vibration of the positive energy field.

If you are wanting to change your life entirely and bring abundance, health, wealth, and loving relationships you first need to look at from which field you are operating.